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Norbert Sommerfeld, CPA / EA

A lack of expertise in US and Swiss Taxes can cost you and your family dearly. Don’t chance your financial well-being by delaying taxes or sifting through thousands of Google search results on your own. We’ve been in your shoes. We know how challenging it is to be an Expat in Switzerland. Give us a call ! Talk to a tax Expert ! Plan an introductory meeting !

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At SAS Accounting we want our customers to have access to attentive, personalized and professional services. Often, Experts like us can direct people to other resources which assist them in solving their tax problems. You can also use this meeting to get a better understanding of your tax situation. We can talk about options you may have before pursuing further action. If you don’t know where to look for an answer. We are here to help!

When you can’t afford to be wrong, let the tax professionals at SAS Accounting & Tax help you get it right.

Our specialties include: US Tax Forms, Swiss Tax Forms, International Expat Tax Returns, Swiss Social Security, Employee Status, Financial Software, and more…

We Work across all Areas of Tax

From US and Swiss Tax inquiries to individual and business Tax Returns, IRS Back-taxes, Swiss Federal & Cantonal Back-taxes. We also prepare Retroactive Swiss Tax Filings as well as Delinquent US Tax Filings. Our team will Prepare and file your Swiss Federal & Cantonal Steuererklärung as well as you U.S. Form 1040, Individual Tax Return. Further to this, we also co-ordinate Swiss Payroll issues & Swiss / U.S. employment status concerns. Talk to a Tax Expert ! Reach out to us for your 1st meeting.

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