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Individual U.S. Tax Preparation

Our “Basic U.S. Expat Package” includes the standard tax forms required from International Expats living & working in Switzerland/Europe. Please use the fee calculator below to determine your fee.

Individual US Tax Return Preparers

The “Basic U.S Expat Package” includes the preparation and filing of one Single, HOH or Joint Expat 1040 Federal Tax Return together with the required FBAR submission, as follows:

  • 30 min. FREE initial consultation
  • 30 min. closing, approval & review meeting
  • Federal Income Tax Form 1040
  • Reporting of 1 salary statement (W-2 or Swiss Form 11 -ESTV)
  • Schedule B reporting of 2 U.S. bank acct’s
  • Schedule B report. of 2 Non-U.S. bank acct’s
  • FBAR Reporting of 2 Non-U.S. bank acct’s
  • FBAR Reporting for 1 Swiss pension acct.
  • Tax Filing Extensions (if required)
  • Expatriate Optimization Calculation
  • 1 x Foreign Earned Income Exclusion (2555)
  • 1 x Foreign Tax Credit (Form 1116)
  • Access to our P4 Secure Server Portal to facilitate client data exchange

CHF 540.00 (excl. 7.7% Swiss VAT)

Calculate your total “U.S Expat Tax Service Price” below. Should additional services not outlined above or not offered via our fee calculator (below) be required we will gladly provide a detailed offer. The standard U.S Tax Advisor Rate of CHF 180.00/Hr. (excl.7.7% Swiss VAT) is the basis for all of our rates.

At SAS Accounting & Tax we realize that you want a partner who can communicate fluently with you and the IRS in English. This accountant should also understanding Swiss & U.S taxes in order to claim the correct and appropriate U.S tax deductions or credits. You want to be sure that you have filed correctly and will not have any tax surprises. This is what we do! Our expertise is U.S. and Swiss Taxes, we deal with it every day. We promise professionalism, price transparency, tax expert skills and a reliable up-front tax fee estimate.

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Conditions Apply

Orderly Submission

All tax documentation must be provided in a timely and orderly fashion. Should additional documentation, forms or reporting need to be requested. Such a request may increase the price. Any price increase will be in proportion to the time required to retrieve those forms from a 3rd party or the tax payer.

7.7 % Swiss VAT

Our U.S. Expat Tax Service Price offer includes 7.7% Swiss VAT.

Price Binding Provision

This above fee calculation requires correct data entry by the tax payer. Offers are considered binding after review by SAS Accounting & Tax. Each position in the calculator (amount of bank accounts, salary statements etc.) must be correctly completed by the tax payer. The actual final invoice is always based on the actual tax data submitted by the tax payer. The final invoice will be calculated using the fee rates seen above.

FBAR Provisions

The filing of FinCEN Form 114 reporting (FBAR) is included in the above fee. We will rely on information provided by the tax payer for the purpose of this submission.

Non-U.S. Self-Employment Income

Accounting work required to prepare company financial statements in USD will be charged separately. Further to this, the accounting work required to adjust your foreign/Swiss financial statement to aline these with U.S. GAAP and the provisions of the U.S. tax code are not included (e.g. meals, mileage, depreciation). An hourly rate of CHF 180.00 / Hr will apply to these services.

Non-U.S. Rental Income

Accounting work required to prepare rental income & expense details in USD & in accordance with the U.S. tax code will be charged separately. The hourly rate for this service is CHF 180.00 / Hr.

Additional IRS & State Tax Forms

The time required for the completion of any additional IRS tax forms and/or State tax forms not mentioned above will be charged at the same hourly rate applicable to the providing of U.S. Tax Advising, Discovery & Research Services (as stated in the below attached Price List for the Preparation of Expat U.S. Taxes).

Tax Audit Cover (optional)

Tax Audit Cover (TAC) is a Flat-Rate fee which covers all additional charges related to time required for our accountants to respond to a notice to you from the Internal Revenue Service . TAC is an OPTIONAL up-front Flat-Rate fee which can be requested together with our U.S. Expat Tax Preparation fees.

The IRS or State Tax Authorities may request the tax payer to pay relevant taxes such as income tax, capital gains tax, etc. TAC does not cover these taxes nor does it cover legal fees, or any payments, fines or penalties issued by the IRS or any other division of the U.S. Department of Treasury or State Tax authorities. TAC is an advance fee which covers 100% of our accountants time to correctly and appropriately respond to possible queries from these offices.

Priority Cases

Acceptance of priority cases is at the discretion of SAS Accounting & Tax.

Price List for the Preparation of Expat U.S. Taxes – Basis for Price Calculator

Court of Jurisdiction

Swiss Law applies to all services provided by SAS Accounting GmbH. The exclusive legal court of jurisdiction governing these services is Basel-City and the Swiss Confederation.

IRS Amnesty Program – Fee for Tax Return & Filing via Streamlined Filing Procedures (SFOP)

Required Filing Conditions & Documents

Streamlined Filing is essentially an amnesty program for delinquent tax payers. If you were a nonresident of the US, and meet other criteria, you may be able to file applying these procedures. The tax payer will then be required to file 3 years of tax returns and 6 years of FBARs. Thereafter, you will be considered compliant and will not be penalized for your late filing. The criteria to qualify for SFOP filing procedures will be discussed individually with each client.

Fees for SFOP Filing Procedures

Initially we will mutually determine if you qualify for the IRS Streamlined Filing Procedures. Thereafter, SAS Accounting will provided you with an individual offer for these services. Three years of Tax Return Preparation Fees will then be calculated based upon the above table. Further to this, six years of FBAR filing Fees as well as the preparation fee of Form 14653 (Certification by US Person Residing Outside of the US) will be calculated. An offer and engagement letter will then be forwarded to the client for approval and signature. We will not start with any engagement without the client’s approval & signature.

Norm is reliable and fast. He does what he says he will do and gets the job done. He has an excellent understanding of U.S. and Swiss Taxes and is someone I know I can trust. Thank you Norm!

— Tim E. (Baden)

Tax filing when living overseas was always so cumbersome. However, since I started working with SAS Accounting this task has become much easier. They prepare my U.S. and Swiss Tax Returns . Therefore, now I only work with one office for both. This simplifies everything!

— Dave C. (Basel)

US Individual Tax Return - Form 1040

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