US and Swiss Tax Return Documentation

Required US and Swiss Tax Return Filing Documentation

Swiss Tax US Tax Return

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More Than Your Average Accountant – U.S. and Swiss Tax Preparers

At SAS Accounting & Tax we will prepare all US and Swiss Tax Returns. We deliver Tax Services across 3 key business areas: Individual U.S. Tax Returns (Form 1040/1040X), Individual Swiss Tax Returns (Steuererklärung), and Corporate Swiss and U.S Tax preparation.

U.S. Tax Return

US Business Tax Return
US Personal & Business Tax Return Preparation

SAS Accounting & Tax has specialized in the preparing of U.S Tax Returns for Swiss Resident Expatriates. We provide professional, transparent and reliable Swiss and US tax expert services at one location.

Swiss Tax Return

Swiss Individual Tax Return
Swiss Business & Individual Tax Return Preparation

Experts in U.S. and Swiss taxes, we provide Swiss Tax services to Expat Residents. Our focus is professionalism, price transparency, tax expert skills and a reliable up-front tax fee estimate.


To provide professional tax services to our clients. We do this by providing you with attentive, licensed and personalized quality service at transparent pricing. We help U.S. and English speaking Expats with their Individual Tax Returns. Further to this, we work with businesses required to submit Swiss and U.S. Tax Returns. Trust our Experts!


To prepare accurate and tax-conscious US Tax Returns & Swiss Tax Returns. While also ensuring that our clients enjoy the benefits of working with experienced professionals. We strive to offer the best possible streamlined processing of your returns.


Feel free to download and use the attached document list. It will help you to prepare the required paperwork for your US Tax and Swiss Tax Returns. Kindly cross-off non-relevant items or those provided to our office in the previous year. This Tax Documentation List covers the standard data required for Individual Tax Returns.

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