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Norbert Sommerfeld, CPA & EA

Norbert Sommerfeld, CPA / EA – Tax Preparation Steps

“Besides figuring out taxes, I’ve figured out how to serve you better, save you money and make your duel tax filing requirements a breeze! Follow the tax preparation steps below to get started.”

My Promise to you:

We are a “One Stop Shop” for both your US & Swiss Tax Returns

  • SWISS & U.S. One Stop TAX Shop
  • PRICE TransparENCY
  • Flat-Rate PRICING

steps to get your taxes filed:

Schedule your Introductory 15-20 MINUTE CONSULTATION

The FIRST step on the path to getting where you want to go starts with an honest conversation. Therefore we will schedule a Phone, Zoom or In-House meeting with you. Please give us a call so that we can provide this 15-20 Initial Consultation. Once we have determined the right direction together we’ll help you stay the course.


During this first meeting we will analyse your current & previous years taxes and address any concerns which we may identify. Thereafter, providing you with our FLAT-RATE offer and ENGAGEMENT LETTER. This formal engagement letter will be sent to you using the DocuSign® tool.

100% Cost Awareness

You are 100% aware of the cost and job scope before we start.

We will send you a list of the tax documents required together with a lINK to our Secure portal where you can upload pictures & scans of your tax documents.

Upload or drop-off the tax documents required to complete your U.S. and/or Swiss Tax Returns. These can include your Identification, U.S. W-2 and/or Swiss Salary Statement (Form 11. – ESTV) as well as your Bank Balance, Interest & Dividend Statements.

Based on this information we will prepare your U.S and/or Swiss Tax returns. Calculating and requesting the respective U.S. Foreign and Swiss National Tax Credits and Tax Liabilities

Closing meeting to REVIEW the return and PAY for our services

We will forward you the Tax Return for your REVIEW and then set-up a 20-30 minute appointment with you to discuss the positions and SIGN the Tax Return. During this time we can also discuss possible future tax planning possibilities.

We will send our Invoice after our closing meeting. Payment via bank transfer.

Accounting services


After you sign the Engagement Letter we begin work on your tax return. Our normal turnaround time is 15-20 business days from receipt of your documents. If you have an urgent case – we can provide rush service, so please let us know.

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