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U.S. Income Tax Return
Preparers Office. – Form 1040

Individual US Tax Returns

We specialize in US Federal & State Tax Return Preparation for Americans living in Switzerland. We are experts in this field, licensed to practice in both countries and understand the tax laws and challenges facing our US client’s residing in Switzerland. With years of experience, transparent pricing and the appropriate licences you can trust us to complete your U.S. Tax Return and ensure you are fully compliant while also saving you tax dollars & advising you on possible future tax savings. Count on us from start to finish to solve your tax puzzle!

Swiss Federal & Cantonal Tax Filing for all Cantons

Individual Swiss Tax Returns

Have your Swiss Tax Return prepared by our experts! We have completed 100’s of Swiss Tax Returns for English speaking expats working in all of the Cantons of Switzerland. Trust us to identify every possible tax deduction, to reduce your taxes and to manage the additional reporting responsibilities applicable to U.S. and International citizens residing in Switzerland. Whether it is reclaiming your withholding taxes or fulfilling your legal tax filing requirements. We are on your side, have transparent pricing & care about getting your taxes right.

US Tax & Swiss Corporate Income and/or VAT, Sales Tax Reporting

US and Swiss Business Tax Returns

Corporate taxation is a challenging field especially when you are faced with international tax law and reporting requirements. Our specialization is providing guidance and support to businesses faced with US & Swiss taxable income as well as Sales Tax & VAT Tax reporting. We have professionals available to complete Schedule C, Forms 5471 or 8858 and/or Form 1120 on your behalf. Further to this , these same experts understand and can manage your businesses Swiss financial reporting requirements such as income tax, VAT & payroll.

Preparation of Individual US Federal & State Tax Return Amendments

US Tax Return Amendment Form 1040X

If you’ve filed your US Federal Tax Return and then realized that you forgot to include an item of income, a large deduction, or filled out or missed a reporting form completely we can amend your return. The IRS has a way to make the necessary corrections via Form 1040X. SAS Accounting & Tax will correctly prepare and file this form for you. Trust us to have your back. It’s possible to file this Amended Federal Tax Return within three years of the date that the original return was filed, or within two years from the date you paid the original tax liability, whichever is later. Let us clean up your tax problems.

Swiss Federal and Cantonal Withholding Tax (Quellensteuer) Procedures

Retroactive QST based Swiss Tax Declaration

Non-Swiss Citizens paying Salary based Withholding Tax (Source Tax) can – if the applicable conditions are met – request and/or automatically be required (if your income exceeds CHF 120’000) to follow a procedure of subsequent ordinary tax assessment. Under this procedure, the income and wealth taxes owed will be determined and assessed based upon a completed tax return. Withholding taxes already paid are credited (without interest) against these ordinary taxes. SAS Accounting & Tax will accurately prepare and file these statements on your behalf.

Preparation of all Individual & Business US State Tax Returns for US Citizen Abroad

US State Individual & Business Tax Returns

Individuals living in Switzerland are often required to also declare their income in their former state of residence. Generally an individual can only give up their tax domicile if they establish permanent residency abroad. The rules defining “tax domicile” vary significantly among states. Individuals & businesses also must pay taxes in a state if they receive source income from that state i.e. rental income from property located within that state or income from a trade or business. Trust SAS Accounting & Tax to professionally and accurately prepare these returns.

Streamlined Filing
US Tax Amnesty Filing Procedures for foreign US Citizens and Green-Card Holders abroad

US Tax – Streamlined Filing Compliance Procedures

The IRS Streamlined Filing Procedure is essentially an amnesty program allowing citizens and Green-Card holders to file several years worth of retroactive U.S. taxes and FinCEN reporting without penalty. The IRS realized that many U.S. expatriates were not aware that they had an ongoing annual U.S Tax filing responsibility. These people had consequently fallen behind and would therefore be required to pay delinquent filer and FBAR penalties. These catch-up procedures will help you to be tax compliant. You can rely on SAS Accounting & Tax to prepare your complete Streamlined Filing Compliance Procedures package and help you in forming your statement to the IRS (via Form 14653).

Preparation of your US Tax Form 1040NR – Non Resident Return

US Non-Resident Tax Return Preparer

 In certain situations, US non-resident aliens may have US tax and filing obligations. These non-resident aliens must file and report their US tax liabilities via Form 1040-NR, US Non-resident Alien Income Tax Return. Using this form these persons will only report income earned or derived from US sources. Wage income is usually taxed at the same graduated rates applicable to US citizens. However, portfolio income such as interest, dividends, and capital gains is generally taxed at a flat 30% rate. In certain situations both Form 1040NR and Form 1040 may be required. SAS Accounting will ensure that your are compliant with all IRS required tax reporting and can prepare the required US Tax Returns for you. Count on us to have your back and guide you.

Swiss Amnesty Procedures for Swiss Residents who have under reported earnings & assets

Swiss Tax – Retroactive Self-Disclosure Procedures

Individuals living in Switzerland are required to declare their worldwide income, wealth and assets on each year of their individual Swiss Tax Returns. Due to insufficient knowledge of this, taxable income and wealth are often under reported. This fact is often overseen by expatriates and can then result in serious penalties and back taxes. However, the Swiss Tax Office offers a one-time penalty free voluntary disclosure procedure to help ratify this situation. Certain conditions must be met to qualify for this amnesty (Straflose Selbstanzeige). SAS Accounting & Tax will professionally prepare, file and guide you through these Voluntary Retroactive Self-Declaration Procedures. Count on us to show you the way.

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